Savvy's Guide to Weddings & Receptions Color Trends for 2017

Created by Savvy Event Studio

Created by Savvy Event Studio

It’s not new news that GREENARY is the new 2017 pantone color… But this does not mean that your wedding has to be an ever-green paradise were no other colors are allowed.  This is just a trend that highlights the predominant color of the year… Check out what we've found to be the hottest color weddings reception backdrop trends for 2017.

All black and white weddings are out, color is definitely in. Brides are getting bolder. From subdued rose to blue suits to hot reds or even metallic and mix of greens, you have so many choices. Most of the current color trends are not erasing white or ivory as the base color, but instead adding a huge pop of color, or an elegant muted mix.


We saw during Bridal Fashion Week that pink is in for many big designers in shades of blushes, nudes, and peaches. Toss in a dose of dusty blue gowns as well. More bridal shops are opening their racks to these pretty shades, bunking the traditional ivory or white only gowns.

Flowers and decor are also a pink hit this coming year with mixes of pink and gold, pink and gray, pink with pops of yellow, pink with shades of vibrate or muted blue, or using several shades of pink together.


We mentioned the pink and gold pairing above, but there's more to be seen from metallics. Gold accents are hot for this coming year in everything from flowers to invitations, table decor to cakes. Rose gold, 18k gold, platinum, and shimmery sequins are all popular, depending on your sensibilities. This is by far one of the strongest color trends for weddings and receptions for 2017.

Sequins in various metallic colors are appearing in all seasons, not just the holidays on bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, hair accessories, shoes, and decor such as table cloths. They add a bit of glitz and glamor when paired with neutrals and soft pastels. Likewise, opulent metallic cakes made their way onto the scene a couple of years ago, but it continues to be a hot choice and many new and unique looking variations keep coming along.


Some are taking it to a modern and industrial look with a shiny or brushed silver popping from bright white accents or paired with the soft glow of romance and candles. Tables will be seen with clusters of shiny silver candlesticks and vases. Just imagine silver votive cups with cut-outs and their lit candles at night, both on the tables and hanging above your heads, twinkling and sparkling, paired with little industrial-looking lights hung all around. This trend will undoubtedly be seen more and more as 2017 hits late fall, but those who get the jump on it during the late winter months in January and February 2017 won't regret being ahead of the game.


There are a few mismatched trends happening right now for 2017. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen no longer need to match each other, you might choose prints for all or just the Maid of Honor in your line-up, or you can go completely matchy and choose an ivory gown for yourself with matching ivory for your bridesmaids like this bridal party. For a mismatched party, you can choose from several ideas in color families and pairings, tones, textures, prints, and it still works so well.


On one hand, going completely green is a hot trend in wedding decor and arrangements, but on the other we have bright, vivid, bold, or other very dominant colors hitting the aisles. A little goes a long way when you use a base of neutral and add a pop in your arrangements or larger details like indigo blue suits. .

The vintage trend has been very popular and usually in muted tones like mint green and subdued yellow hues, but it has eventually led to some inspiration to use very bright yellow, vivid royal blue, and cranberry red that we'll see more of in the coming year.  Likewise, a Cuban color explosion is taking hold in turquoise blue, bright coral, fuschia, marsala, tangerine, deep purple, bright sunshine yellow, and greens.


No worries, start early and make it fun to look and dream about the perfect color combination. Search Pinterest and online for blog posts like this one and this one from The Knot.