As a sentimental gesture that expresses appreciation to your guests for sharing in your wedding experience, a little gift is in order. Rather than giving something fruitless that will gather dust on a closet shelf, award them with a worthwhile souvenir. Before you begin frantically crafting or online shopping, Savvy has some ideas to get you started on wedding favors your guests will favor.

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Keep it Thoughtful

If your strategy was to find a common item, you may want to rethink your decision. You are already treating your guests to a celebration of fabulous food, entertainment and company, but that does not mean you should finish the night with a lackluster memento. Give wedding favors that prove you care, not basic additions that make it seem like you saw them as a chore.

Stick to your Budget

The wedding favors you choose do not need to be expensive because you will be buying one for all guests and this will add up quickly. Small indulgences can be affixed to your guests’ place cards or decorating the table runner so they do not forget to take them home as the event concludes. Additionally, to increase the worth of your present without a skyrocketing cost, it’s easy to attach a short note to express your thanks. Use minimal packaging or reusable boxes and jars to reduce cost too.

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Consider Handmade

If you have a passion for crafts and find joy in making things yourself for your loved ones, handmade relics may be the best option for you. Although this will take extra time compared to buying in bulk online, you will be able to tailor each item to your liking without depending on yet another outside vendor. If you do decide to follow this route, be sure that you are allotting yourself enough time before your big day to complete every favor. The last thing you want is to be scrambling at the last minute to complete them.

Make it Useful

Pleasing everyone will be impossible, but finding a favor that is practical for the majority to enjoy should be your goal. Some ideas for usable presents you can fit to you theme include sweetly scented candles, tiny plants, or treats. Your guests will certainly relish in these when they return home after an incredible evening. Check out this article from The Knot for a detailed list of recommended wedding favors paired with photos to spark your imagination.

No matter what gift you choose, your guests will admire the sentiment and know that you care about them as an attendee of your ceremony and reception. Giving wedding favors should not be an added stress on your list of obligations, but rather a fun opportunity to surprise your guests with an extra token of your gratitude.