2 Ways To Keep Guests In The Mood After The Wedding


No matter how amazing your wedding is, how beautiful the location, and who cries from their seats watching, you’ve still asked so much of them already. Especially if this is a destination wedding.

Your guests planned ahead and kept the dates clear for you, traveled, got dressed up, brought gifts, sat waiting (sometimes in the sun) for the wedding to start, sat through your ceremony, and now you want to ask them to do more.

They probably need a nap, a shot of caffeine, and something for bloodshot eyes before they travel to another venue for the reception and stand in a receiving line. So let’s make things a bit easier and more fun for them after the ceremony!

Keep The Flow

With the new trends in weddings, and your pick of beautiful venues, especially for destination weddings, you can opt-out of a separate reception hall. This can not only save you money, time, and energy to coordinate the details, it saves your guests from various responsibilities that drag them down after the high of your ceremony.

By staying in one venue, your wedding energy continues to flow immediately to the after-party. The guests bypass long lines getting to their car or waiting for taxis, skip traffic and travel route confusion, parking stress, and more long lines going into the reception.

You can control the flow and increase the energy for them going into the reception area by creating a new environment through decor, lighting, music, cocktails, and more. Give them some live entertainment, tasty drinks, and a sampler of appetizers, and you’ll definitely notice the buzzing and excitement from guests while they wait for your reception arrival.

Skip The Receiving Line

Receiving lines are one wedding tradition that can be kicked off the schedule. It’s really formal and quite uncomfortable for everyone involved with the long waiting lines and having to repeat everything you’ve just said to the previous person.

Instead, after your arrival to the reception area, you can take your time to greet your guests while they have cocktails and throughout the night between events like dinner, cake cutting, and dancing. It’s much less strained and so much more personal for everyone.

Through both of these alternative ideas, you’ll keep the party vibe going with your impeccable taste and the excitement you create for them. It’s a wonderful “thank you for coming!” shown with your actions, not just your words.

Juliana Calvo