It’s finally the big day! You’re surrounded by all of your friends and family. Now, it’s time for the vows: one of the most important pieces of the ceremony. This moment in time is where you publicly voice your intentions, promises, hopes, and dreams for life with your significant other. While it’s easy to think of all the ways you will be devoted to your partner in your day to day life, it’s a bit more complicated to write them down let alone say them out loud.

Translating feelings into words is not only a challenge but a true art form. But don’t fret just yet, Savvy is here to help! Here are five simple tips and tricks to simplify the process of vow writing so not only is it a breeze, but you say exactly what you mean.


  1. Less is more in many cases and vows are no exception. Steer clear of too many quotes and clichés as your own words are the best way to describe your feelings. Short and sweet is the way to go!

  2. Don’t worry, you don’t have to share your vows before the ceremony! Just check in with your SO and make sure you’re on the same page. Talk about how serious (or not) you want them to be and how long they should be so you’re working with the same format.

  3. Use your love story to brainstorm! Remember how you two got here. What events were important in getting your relationship to where it is today?

  4. Tell them what you hope for your future and what you can promise to be and work towards being for them. Nothing is too big or too small, so get creative! Make your promises unique to you.

  5. This is for you and your partner at the end of the day, so write them like no one else would hear them. Keep it intimate and really tell them how you feel!

Now that you have these few helpful hacks, get to writing! We can’t wait to hear them on your special day (we’ll be sure to bring the tissues).