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After the stress and chaos of a wedding starts to die down, it is not unusual to see couples “bee-lining” for the rest and relaxation of their honeymoon. Much more than just your typical vacation, a couple’s honeymoon serves as the perfect oasis - a time of low stress and bliss! This is the first time you can fully enjoy and celebrate your marriage, with no interruptions. Whether you’re jet setting off to a private island, or walking the streets of a romantic city, make sure to take it all in.

Along with your wedding, there is often a lot of pressure on couples to have the “perfect” honeymoon. Here at Savvy, we believe that there’s no set definition of perfection. Your honeymoon, like your wedding, should showcase your own personalities, goals, and lifestyles. However, or wherever, you choose to spend your honeymoon, be sure to make the most of every moment.

While we first, and foremost, consider ourselves wedding experts, we have a few tips as to how you can make your honeymoon just as special as your big day. We invite you to keep reading along with us as we discuss our top ten tips for honeymoon bliss.  

Savvy Event Studio | Destination Wedding Planner

Our Advice...

  1. Enjoy every minute - this is the time to focus solely on you and your loved one, no distractions or to-do lists. Be present with your husband and have the trip of a lifetime.
  2. Be extra romantic - plan a special dinner during the trip, or surprise your loved one with their favorite candy. Be spontaneous in showing signs of your love! It’s the little things that matter, right? Have champagne delivered to your room… we challenge you to channel your inner romantic :)
  3. With that said, have happy hour every night - happy hour is the perfect time to relax and kick back. Have your favorite cocktail and laugh with your husband over the day’s activities. Make it a nightly ritual that you can both look forward to!
  4. Try something new - what a perfect time to be a daredevil than on your honeymoon (aka the beginning of the rest of your life.) Go snorkeling, try that crazy dish you’ve never heard of at dinner, go on a long hike, immerse yourself in a new culture! Not only will this make for great pictures, but great stories to bring home as well. Go outside your comfort zone and get the adrenaline going.
  5. Unplug – if there is any moment in your life where it should be about just you and your special one, your honeymoon is it! Social media and work emails can wait. Create special memories that will last a lifetime and share them online after. All the others can wait! 
  6. However, make sure to take lots of pictures! - thirty years from now, you will love looking back at the amazing memories made during your honeymoon. Take goofy selfies together, or ask a stranger to take a picture of the two of you in front of the unbelievable landscape. They say a picture’s worth a thousand word, so take the time to snap a few - you won’t regret it!
  7. Look & feel glamorous - whether that’s packing your favorite pair of killer heels or that lingerie set you look amazing in… rock it! You will be sure to have your husband swooning. Your honeymoon is all about the two of you, you may as well look and feel fabulous for it
  8. Don’t overschedule - while you may want to pre-book every walking tour, boat excursion, and wine tasting you can... sometimes it’s better to go with the flow. Be flexible and spontaneous.  Moments like this can often lead to the best memories. So, “wing-it” and try your hand at improvisation. 
  9. Keep an open mind - okay, so maybe your flight got delayed or the hotel reservations got messed up. Take a deep breath, it will all be okay! Keep an open mind as to what the honeymoon may bring. Don’t stress on the “could haves” or “should haves.” 
  10. Live everyday like your honeymoon - who said your honeymoon can only last a week?  Treat and appreciate your significant other in the same way you did when you were newlyweds. Surprise them, love them, compliment them. Find a reason each and every day that reminds you why you fell in love with them in the first place. 

Savvy Event Studio | Destination Wedding Planner

Wherever your honeymoon may take you, from all of us at Savvy, we wish you safe and blissful travels. Take a few pictures and send them our way, we love living the vacation fantasies!

Happy honeymooning!!