Tradition has it that both the maid of honor and best man give speeches and toasts to the lucky couple, but is that where it ends? Not necessarily. When choosing who to have speak at your wedding, it takes careful consideration as to who to give the mic to and for how long.


Consider which of your guests can best speak to you both as a couple and is comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Are they someone who can strike a balance in their speech with humor and sentiment? Or a jokester who’s likely to tell one embarrassing anecdote too many? Include guests outside of your immediate bridal party. It can vary from the typical maid of honor and best man speeches adding new perspectives of you as a couple aside from those just within the wedding party. 

While this is an easy way to incorporate others into your big day, the next thing to consider is length of the speeches. This could mean joint speeches for siblings, parents, or close friend groups. It gives a fresh take on the typical solo speech while keeping your guests’ attention.


When it comes to timing, depending on the amount of people you have speaking, consider breaking up speeches over the course of the evening. This option allows for natural breaks in the reception while keeping a joyful momentum. If the speakers are few and their speeches are short, it may be ideal to have them speak right after each other.

Before bestowing the honor on someone, it’s a good idea to have a time limit in mind to give them. Should they stay under 30 minutes or 5? Aside from all the technical details, have fun with it! It’s not only enjoyable for the two of you to hear what your closest friends and family members have to say, but it is truly an honor for them. Savvy will have the mic ready and waiting for your big day, just let us know who to pass it to and when!