Photographer: Tali Photography

Photographer: Tali Photography

Here at Savvy, we know just how much thought goes into choosing the ladies who will stand beside you on your big day. Your bridesmaids are your best friends, your sisters, and the girls who have experienced the rollercoaster that is life with you. While many believe the job of the bridal party is to just stand there and look pretty, your “bride tribe” has one of the most important jobs—supporting you. Not only are they there for your emotional support, but are also there to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

Your bridesmaids put in a lot of hard work, and deserve to be recognized and appreciated.  While you are bound to say, “thank you” a million times throughout the wedding planning process, one traditional way of showing your gratitude is a bridesmaid’s gifts. When deciding on the perfect gift, you may be unsure which route to go. Savvy is here to discuss all your options, helping you select a one of a kind thank you.

Draw Inspiration from Your Friendship

Photographer: Divine Day Photography

Photographer: Divine Day Photography

Emotions are high on your wedding day, so why not add to them by giving your girls a sentimental, personal thank you. Odds are that your bridesmaids have been through a lot with you. You have all changed, grown, and learned from one another — incorporate these memories into their gifts! These types of gifts are usually the most economical considering you can pair almost anything with a loving token, making it 100x better. We have listed some of our favorite, unique bridesmaids’ gifts below —

Personalized Letter (frame it to add that extra touch)

Photo Album or Scrapbook

Digital Story or Video

Weekend Trip to a Favorite Destination

Token from a Special Moment in Your Friendship

Personalized Charm Bracelet

Homemade Canvas

Customized Journal with Personalized Notes

Give Her Much That Much Needed R&R

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If you aren’t the craftiest bride, don’t stress because there are many more gifts that will leave your bridesmaids swooning. After a stressful few months of intensive weeding preparations, nothing says thank you like a little R&R — these gifts are ones that keep on giving! Treating your girls to a nice day at the spa will give them time to unwind and work out those stress knots. A fun group activity, a little pampering will also give your girls some much needed time to themselves. Here are some of our favorite ideas below —

Gift Certificate to the Spa

Lotion Set

Luxury Makeup Bag

High-End Perfume

Mani Pedi

Home Spa Kit (face masks, nail polish, body scrubs)

Pajama Set

Weekend Get-Away Bag


Salon Appointment

Treat Her to a Day or Night Out on the Town

Photographer: Tali Photography

Photographer: Tali Photography

While physical gifts are great, everyone appreciates something that will give them an excuse to do something special. While these gifts may entail a little more pay-out, their pay-off will be two-fold. Choose to say, “thank you” by giving them the opportunity to create new memories. Here are some ideas as to how you can make your bridesmaids’ days —

Reservations and a Gift Card to a Fancy Restaurant

Tickets to a Sporting Event               

Movie Night Pack

Tickets to a musical or dinner theatre

Yoga Membership

Cooking Class

VIP Pass to a Gallery Opening

Concert Tickets

Wine and Painting Class

Play Off Her Passions

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Nothing says, “I’m thinking of you,” more than a gift tailored to the individual. You know them better than anyone else; their passions, interest, and dreams. Use this information to find a unique gift that will be sure to wow. Anything from books to subscription boxes, get creative with your gifts! Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you brainstorming —

A Cooking Book

Makeup Subscription Boxes

A Set of Fine Wine

A Polaroid Camera

A Sketch Book & Bag

Workout Gear

An Introductory Lesson Class (dancing, pottery, cooking, etc.)

A Personalized Travel Bag

Our last piece of advice: don’t worry about getting each of your girls the same thing! While some brides worry that jealousy may arise if gifts aren’t uniform, we say leave the worry behind and go with what feels right — trust your own judgement!

If you put as much thought into each of your girl’s gifts, there is no way that they will feel under appreciated. You know them better than almost anyone else, pick something that will make them feel special. Whatever route you decide to go, your bridesmaids are bound to love it just as much as they love you. Happy gift hunting!