Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and thus you will wish to hold onto all of the cherished moments that unfold. Although you will be hiring a licensed photographer to capture the events and candid occurrences, a photo booth is a fabulous chance for your guest to depart with their own keepsake as well. To maximize the potential of this wedding reception addition, Savvy is here to prepare you with tips on planning the picture perfect photo booth.


Hire a Photo Booth Operator

Having either a professional that works for a photography company or someone you know to man the area will certify that the images are developing properly and assure the flow of the line runs smoothly. Often the setup takes a lot of equipment and appointing a knowledgeable employee will keep stress at a minimum. Otherwise, you have the option of going simple by setting up a camera with instructions for guests to follow or a selfie station for snapping photos on their personal phones.

Craft a Creative Backdrop

Rather than standing in front of a basic black sheet, use an inviting backdrop guests will want their photo taken by. Find an eye catching curtain or layer sparkling strips for a dazzling effect to draw people in. You may even integrate elements of your theme by collaging pictures or following your desired color scheme. Depending on your wedding venue, you may be able to use the natural scenery as well.

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Provide a Plethora of Props

No photo booth is complete without props for guests to try on and hold up as they strike a pose. Make sure to have a multitude of hats, over sized glasses, boas, and other costume accessories to be worn in a silly fashion for each shot. You can also use customized signs to match your wedding theme and speech bubbles on sticks with quirky sayings to be held up as well as purchase chalkboards for friends to write their own sayings.

Welcome Group Shots

Aim for this to be an opportunity for a shared experience that allows your guests to laugh together and let loose. Guarantee that no one is standing alone or feels left out by having no limit on how many people can participate in the fun photo shoot. This also creates a splendid bonding occasion for your loved ones who are strangers, both young and old, to become friends by living by the motto of the more the merrier.

Collect Strips in a Scrapbook

Prompt guests to leave behind one of their photos for you and your husband to admire and look back on. Keep an assortment of markers on a table near the booth for them to sign a special note on the back or in a scrapbook next to where they drop their print. Now you’ll have a collection of personalized impressions from everyone who helped celebrate your special day.

Adding a photo booth to your wedding reception will give your guests another reason to get out of their seats and engage in the experience collectively. By following these ideas, everyone will remember and have a treasured memento of this extraordinary night. You and your hubby should get together in the photo booth before the evening ends too!