You’ve decided on a destination wedding. Awesome choice! There’s no better way to start your marriage off like having your nuptials in a far away, romantic location. However, wherever you end up having your special day, you want to be sure it speaks to both you and your significant other as a couple. Lucky for you, Savvy is here with all the tips you need to make sure your destination wedding captures the culture and details of both the country and you as a couple! 


Get your guests excited! Three to four weeks before your guests would leave, send them a little personal gift to get them excited for your big day! One idea is to send them a personalized luggage tag for their travels that is both specific to them and your wedding theme. Another option is to send something country specific for a little pre-wedding treat that will have them looking forward to their arrival.

 Personalize their Arrival: Once they’ve made it, have their entrance be special and unique to them. Have someone there to personally greet them and help them to their accommodations. Additionally, upon their arrival to their room, have a list of suggested sites to see in the area and a schedule for the day to day events. Take it a step further by having a daily schedule delivered to their room each morning include items like weather forecast and a breakdown of the day’s events


 Guest Book with a Twist: Rather than add another piece to pack, consider more crafty options for a guest book. One idea that incorporates the destination part of your wedding is to provide pre-stamped and self-addressed postcards for your guests to fill out. All of their personal notes and well wishes will make it back to your home without you having to find space. (Bonus: You have a nice welcome home present waiting for you after the honeymoon!)

Reception and Ceremony Decoration: Inspired by your country of choice, add some special touches that connect your ceremony or reception to the country’s culture. For example, in Italy, the lemon is often incorporated into wedding design for a simple Italian touch. In addition, don’t forget to add little mementos of your relationship to add those priceless personal touches. Rather than photo albums and photo frames, consider a slideshow, video, or digital options to showcase your journey as a couple to save space without sacrificing adding a part of you to the wedding.

At the end of the day, Savvy will be sure to put your needs first. It’s our mission: “Your event, my experience, your way.” We have the connections, the information, and the knowledge of Italy to give you the best suggestions possible as you plan your wedding. Between our resources and your ideas, we will be the perfect team!