When should we mail out save-the-dates and invitations for our destination wedding?


When planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose track of the little details and focus more on the big picture.

Walking down the aisle of that just-right venue, looking stunning in the dress you meticulously searched for, while carrying that pinterest-perfect bouquet. These are the things that complete the mental picture, but they also can overshadow the smaller (but very important) details.

Like invitations! You may have the perfect table setting planned out, but without the invitations, sent in a timely manner, there will be no one to sit at them.

We’re here to help you out! For destination weddings, in order to give guests some time to plan for the trip, things need to hit the post office a little sooner. We’re here to help you sort it all out!


While not always necessary for local weddings, save-the-dates are a must for destination weddings. These announcements go out months before your actual invitations and give your guests time to prepare for your Italian escape.

When should you mail them out? Our Destination Wedding planners always suggest that Save-the-dates should be mailed out no later than 8 months before a destination wedding. This will allow guests to arrange travel plans, save up money, find sitters for the kids (if necessary), sort travel documents and take off of work.

This means that you’ll need to have a venue and date set in stone. You’ll also need your full address list for everyone you’d like to invite. It’s also a great time to have a wedding website built, so that you can add the link to the announcement for guests to stay up-to-date with plans and your registries. The website should also include details for the event, like recommended hotels, attire, things to do in the area and more.

Remember, everyone who receives a save-the-date needs to receive an invitation, too. No last minute cuts on the guest list once they’re mailed.

These can be as formal or casual as you’d like, and can begin setting the theme or tone of your wedding. Many include a picture of the happy couple.

Don’t forget to budget for stamps!


Though they come in small packages, wedding invitations are extremely important to your big day. These are usually more formal, with addresses including full names and no abbreviations, and are sent from the hosts of the wedding. They will likely match the theme or color scheme of the wedding.

The invitations will inform your guests of all the details, like the times and locations of the ceremony and reception. RSVP cards are also sent out with these, along with maps and your wedding website link.

Be specific on your invitations. If you’d don’t mind your friend bringing her new boyfriend, address it to them both, or to your friend “and guest” on the inner envelope, so that she knows he is allowed to come. This also goes for guests who don’t know if their children are invited. Be clear, and you won’t have problems with people feeling unsure on whom they can bring.

When should you mail them out? Invitations need to be mailed out between 8 and 10 weeks before the wedding date. This gives guests time to finalize plans and make sure they can attend. It also will give them enough time to mail back their RSVP cards.

A fun trend is to include a line on the RSVP cards for guests to request a song they’d like to hear at the reception. People love to get up and dance when their song gets played, making for a great party!

You must be sure to include a “Please respond by” date on the RSVP card. This way you’ll have a cut-off time for your final count to give to your venue and caterers. Leave guests at least a couple weeks to return them.

Once again, Quality Wedding & Event Planners always suggest budgeting for stamps! It’s polite to include a stamp on the RSVP cards’ return envelopes, but not required.

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