From your walk down the aisle until your last guest departs from your reception, all eyes will be on you throughout your wedding day. It may feel as though the pressure is on to be at the peak of beauty and grace on this occasion revolving around your celebration of love, but have no fear! Savvy is here to boost your confidence by guiding you on how to select the perfect wedding hairstyle you will adore.

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Research Style Options

Do you prefer your strands to be tied up, left down, or somewhere in between? Your taste is essential when narrowing down your search through guides of best looks. Inspiration can be found from celebrities, influencers, and Pinterest boards to name a few starting points. Top styles can change with each wedding season, so it is up to you whether you prefer to find something on trend or timeless. Begin by finding a wide range of popular looks from these photos published by Bridal Guide.

Consider Your Gown

You should aim for your hairstyle and dress to be companions who complement one another rather than competitors contending for the spotlight. Thus, try to tie both into your overall wedding theme to match the aura you have been working towards. If you have yet to find the dress you’ll say ‘I do’ in, you may be getting ahead of yourself by searching for hairstyles first. Be sure to check out these tips from Martha Stewart Weddings on matching your hairstyle to your wedding dress neckline.

Keep Your Cut in Mind

Does your hair fall to your waist or delicately graze your shoulders? Are your locks naturally curly or straight? Is it on the thick or fine side? Your options may be consolidated depending on the length, texture, and density of your strands. From this analysis of your tresses, determine whether what you have in mind is realistic. If you wish to have more to work with, consider adding temporary extensions for more dimension or filling in for a desired voluminous look. Refer to this article from The Knot for the scoop on styles for your hair type.

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Add Finishing Touches

To complete your coveted ‘do, seize the opportunity to accessorize. Clips and pins can be added for a touch of sparkle or a floral highlight that can be weaved into your hair as an accent piece. Headpieces can also include an elegant veil or small hat to compliment the hairstyle. If you really want to feel like a princess as you walk down the aisle, a tiara or bejeweled crown will also do the trick. Vendors on Etsy craft handmade options, while high end head wear is sold at shops like Jennifer Behr.

Schedule A Practice Run

The last thing you want your dream of the perfect style to fall short in execution on your wedding day. To eliminate panic the morning of, schedule a trial of a few hairstyles before your big day. Show your trusted hairdresser a collection of photos that mirror your perfect look. It’s also important to keep in mind that you do not have to love the first look you try. (What looks good on Pinterest may not necessarily suit your style and that’s okay!) Speak up for what you like best and practice multiple looks to achieve the best version of ‘you’ for your wedding day. For next steps if you don’t adore the trial, read this post from

Years from now when you flip through photos from your wedding day, you will no doubt link fond memories to your look. Regardless if style changes, you will always have the positive association of how you felt to go with it. By following these tips and exploring the multitude of choices that exist in the world of salon styles, your hair will be nothing short of gorgeous!