Congratulations on your engagement! The next step on your to-do list (among many others) is to choose who you’d like standing beside you on your special day. These gals (or guys) will be cheering you on as you recite your wedding vows at the altar. The task of picking the perfect bridal party may seem overwhelming if you have a large circle of friends, but Savvy will help you narrow down the multitude of deciding factors.

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Friends, family, or both?

You may be wondering if there is a common ratio of friends and family to include, but there is no ideal algorithm. What is most important here is evaluating how responsible and reliable each person will be as a member of your bridal party. If you have any doubts about their character, timeliness, or dedication when you need a helping hand, then don’t risk a chance for disaster. A bridesmaid’s role is to lift you up with encouragement and support, not add unnecessary drama.

What about the maid of honor?

The easiest and least biased choice is to go with a family member because friends should know blood is thicker than water. You may even claim your mother has been pressuring you your whole life to have your sister beside you. Otherwise, think about who has been there for you?

Who is trustworthy and a natural born leader (yet is able to let you shine in the spotlight)? If you decide that the decision is impossibly daunting, you may also opt to have more than one maid of honor or not have one at all, but follow your gut instinct!

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Afraid of leaving people out?

If you have a large circle of close people in your life, you may be worried about hurting feelings over who you exclude. Don’t feel pressured to include those just because they included you. Remember you still have the option of inviting them to the wedding or asking them to help with other important details so they feel involved. The bottom line is that it’s your wedding and not a time to keep score. It is not selfish to want this day to be meaningful - afterall, it’s yours!

Ultimately, no matter who you choose your wedding will be spectacular because you get to marry the love of your life. Take this as an exciting opportunity and keep in mind that a fabulous bridal shower awaits you and your beautiful bridesmaids!