Avoid Destination Wedding Stress: Hire A Wedding Planner


Many couples who are considering a destination wedding tend to think that foregoing on hiring a wedding planner is the surest way to save money and keep within budget. But there are many details that go into planning a wedding that you may not necessarily think about beforehand and end up with a lot of stress and extra money spent on mistakes that could have been avoided.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding planner for your destination wedding and what Savvy Event Studio can do to make your wedding day a dream come true!

Help You Choose

Whether you are an island lover, a big city fanatic or a romantic full of wanderlust who wants to explore Europe, a wedding planner will assist you in finding the perfect location. A wedding planner thinks about those minor and bigger details in choosing a location such as weather, head-count, venue and will make sure that you are happy and comfortable at your venue of choice. For example, a destination wedding in Italy is a top choice for many, however on unfamiliar grounds in a country where the language isn’t your mother tongue, it may be hard to know where to even start! Savvy Event Studio will help you out. It’s especially convenient and comforting to know that we have one of our offices in Florence, Italy!


A destination wedding is a great way to keep things fun and exciting on your big day, but certain locations have legal and/or religious marriage requirements. For example, there may be a language barrier and certain documents may have to be translated. A wedding planner in Italy will know where to go and what to do to make sure you have all your documents on your wedding day.

Trustworthy Vendors and Venues

It can be difficult to find a venue that you are completely satisfied with. Not only that, but there is even the concern of vendors such as florists, photographers, DJ, or caterers who may charge more knowing that you are from out of town. Not every vendor is 100% trustworthy. A wedding planner knows the ins-and-outs of finding venues and vendors who are reputable. For example, wedding venues in Tuscany are plentiful and it may get confusing trying to decide which one to even choose from let alone trust. We can provide you with a list of qualified professionals. Click on our Savvy’s Location tab on our website for a list of venues.


Let’s face it, with every wedding there are bound to be snags along the way. Planes may get canceled or delayed, there may be too much traffic causing important guests to be late and in an unfamiliar location it can be scary trying to find your way around. We can arrange for transportation for you and your guests from the airport to their hotel as well as to and from the venue. This way you and your guests remain at ease!

It’s The Details That Count

When it comes to planning a wedding, thinking about the nitty gritty details isn’t the most exciting thing for most couples. Something like the cake may seem a lot easier to order than it really is. Flowers? You may not know what is in season or the names of your flowers or the colors in the local language and you could end up with a bouquet of blue carnations! Not all florists are alike. When it comes to the decorations, save-the-date and invitations, we will take care of that for you. Just click on our Savvy’s Services tab to see what we have to offer. And how about booking the hotel or resort for you and your guests? Maybe you’ll want a week long booking for everyone at the same hotel and use your destination away as an excuse to reunite with family and friends. Or maybe you’ll want a separate hotel so you can extend your destination wedding into your honeymoon. Wedding venues, such as villas, that also offer rooms for you and your guests can sometimes give the best deals.

Be Zen

This is the most important thing a wedding planner will provide for you. The Art of Zen. They will make sure that you do not have to worry about a thing on your big day. They talk to the caterers, make sure the DJ is playing your song at the right time, help maintain situations which may have gone awry, find transportation for those without it and think about all those little details which may be cumbersome to a bride and grooms’ stress level. A wedding planner will put you at ease and give you peace of mind so you can be happy and not worry about a thing on your big day.


Last but not least, enjoying your wedding day is crucial! We will do everything we can for you to make sure of that. We want to see you drinking celebratory champagne, eating the best food you’ve ever tasted and dancing the night away with your family and friends. What matters the most is having everyone together on such a joyous day. Savvy Event Studio will do our very best to make sure you are worry free so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

Juliana Calvo