8 Incredible Destination Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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If you want to make your day even more special with a unique, fun, and creative guest book idea, you've got plenty of choices! All are wonderful for any wedding reception, but these are really perfect for your destination wedding. Most can be used as decor for your reception and then in your home, but all are meant to be kept forever as a timeless reminder of your day, your travels, your love, your family and friends, and your union.

Regional Wines Are A Great Touch

Using metallic Sharpies or other permanent markers on dark bottles of wine from the winery or region you'll be married in makes a stunning decor table and a fun way for your wedding guests to leave their best wishes or marriage wisdom and sign their names. You choose the number of bottles you want and open one on your anniversaries. You can even have custom labels printed for your first, fifth, 10th and 20th anniversaries...or more! This option gives you white or light-colored labels for guests to write on instead of choosing the dark bottles and metallic pens.

Pressed Local Flowers Guest Book

With this idea, you gather a collection of easily flattened blooms, herbs, other greenery, and leaves from a local florist or garden and leave them in boxes on the table. Providing a blank book for writing their best wishes and names in, plus a way to attach the bloom or leaf they choose next to it. Then when the reception is over, you close the book and bind it tight to press everything into place. Not only is this a beautiful decor idea that ties into your wedding, but it makes a beautiful keepsake, only to be opened on your first anniversary!

Get Your Guest Book It Drawn And Inked

A big trend in guest book signing is using washable inks for guests to add their thumbprint to a wedding guest tree so that the prints become the leaves. Other ideas are a couple holding balloon strings and guests add thumbprints as the balloons in any color you provide. Some get truly creative with peacocks whose feathers are thumbprints. And if thumbprints just aren't your thing, you can provide small pre-made rubber stamps in flower blossoms, olives, oranges, or tree leaves instead. Don't forget to provide pens for them to sign their print and hand wipes if asking guests to use their thumbs!

You simply buy or create a drawing or painting of a tree without leaves, bring the supplies, and later you can frame and hang your new work of art in your home. Our destination wedding twist on this is to use a drawing of a tree that's an integral part of the region where you're married, such as an olive tree from Tuscan olive groves or a regional bird.

Washi Tape & Polaroids Guest Book

Since Washi Tape is fun and instant photographs have made a comeback, combine this into a great guest book you'll cherish and laugh about forever. Provide the Polaroid or Fujifilm Instax cameras and film on the table, some fun markers, Washi Tape of your choice, and glue dots or glue pen so they can secure their photos (for the future, in case the tape doesn't hold as well). Using a scrapbook album or other beautiful but blank and acid-free book of your choosing, encourage guests to take selfies and other pics of themselves at your reception (and maybe after your ceremony to start with) and then glue them into the book, Washi Tape the corners, and leave a message with the fine point markers. You can also provide blank cards for them to write or draw on, ask for "remember when" stories, or provide pre-written questions for them to answer on the cards or at the top of the pages.

The Family Tree Guest Book Print

Ths is especially wonderful if you're a multinational couple or family! Have a typography print custom made that lists all of the places your families have lived around the world, starting with your grandparents. Have this print framed in a way (like recycled wood) that guests can then write on and sign during the reception. They can add their own countries to their signature too. This can be hung in your home and passed down for generations.

Unique Use For a Globe or Vintage Road Atlas

Purchase a globe or two on a wood or metal stand that you love and want to display in your home. Then choose your favorite idea: painted or unpainted. First, you can paint the globes in black and provide metallic or white markers for your guests to use on the globes to write, draw on and sign their names. Or you can provide unpainted globes and black Sharpies for them to suggest future travel destinations, encircle where they come from in hearts or arrows, etc.

Using a thick vintage road atlas is also another fun, timeless idea that might be easier in the long run for storage at home on a bookshelf or in a memory chest. Provide markers in red and black for guests to use and possibly small bits of card stock and arrows to glue in. The guests can leave well-wishes, marriage wisdom, answer pre-written questions, circle cities they think you should visit, etc.

A Puzzling Guest Book Idea

If you have a gorgeous photo of your destination wedding villa to use or have visited the country or region you'll be married in before your wedding and have a favorite photo of you with your beloved, you can go online to and have your photo printed on a wooden puzzle. Then you provide the fine-tip markers and your guests can write their names and well-wishes on the back of your puzzle for a beautiful destination wedding day keepsake. Check out online shops like Etsy for puzzle makers: https://www.etsy.com/market/guest_book_ideas

Love Letters For Your Wedding Day

This is a really fun and creative idea for the wedding couple's alternative guest book. You can set up an old mailbox or antique writing desk if one is available to you to add even more excitement and decor flair to your reception. You'll provide pre-printed envelopes with your home address and matching cards to write on or fun postcards in a style that matches your wedding theme or has your photo on it. Guests will write you a short letter on the postcards or note cards and leave them in the mailbox or a pretty basket on the desk or table. The perfect finish to this is to mail them to yourself before you leave the country!

So that's quite a few options for unique guest book ideas, especially for your destination wedding. We hope you love them as much as we do and can't wait to hear and see what you come up with!