3 Tips & Tricks For Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

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Not only do you want colors you love and colors that match your theme, but also something that sets the whole vibe of your event. Tall order for a color scheme, but it's a powerful tool in the completion of your day. Choosing your colors is a big, important part of the whole wedding planning process, a part of the very foundation of all other stylistic decisions and details you'll coordinate and fold into your celebration. From the invitations to decorations and flowers, pre-wedding festivities, to wedding party dresses and suits, to the signature drinks and favors, your colors weave everything together into an intricate and successful event no one will forget. However, don't feel overwhelmed, because once your color scheme is chosen, other decisions will fall into place more easily.

Choose Your Venue First, But With The Season And Your Colors In Mind

Before final hue selection, you'll need to place equal importance in finding your venue -- but have some color ideas ready so you can choose the best of both worlds simultaneously. Keep in mind you may have two venues (ceremony and reception) with completely different stylistic and architectural schemes to decorate. You'll want your hues to go beautifully with your church, castle, villa or the outdoor setting you've chosen, the pre-dinner and post-brunch, and the formality or informality of each.

Use both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your venue to help you come up with your color scheme by checking out what's growing there seasonally, what's on the floors and walls, and what's going to be in season when it comes to choosing your flowers. If you don't find the right color palette in the seasonal flowers available to you, don't stress! You can choose white flowers and add your colors into the other decorative elements like the ribbons around them.

By viewing and choosing the venue first, you'll be able to rule out hues that will awkwardly clash with existing permanent decor. If there are very vibrant or rich colors and/or busy patterns happening with the artwork, rugs, and walls indoors, your best bet might be a color palette that doesn't compete, yet is still supremely posh. Perhaps a metallic like gold mixed with ivory, cream as a foundation color, or a very subdued pastel yellow paired with white. And if most everything is white, you can gently add splashes of color to soften the starkness of all white while not clashing with your venue's decor.

If you're hiring our Savvy Events destination wedding planning services and cannot fly to Italy or Miami to see the venue you've chosen in person, have a look online at the venue's photo galleries first. Some carry a separate gallery of wedding photos too! And then call or email us. We would love to talk to you about the venue and our experience with color selections for the exquisite locations we've hand-picked for our clients. We'll be able to talk with you about the seasons and what will be in bloom outside of your venue, as well as what flowers are in season should you want to plan around those.

Consider Your Wedding Party

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Other than talking to your groom about color preferences, consider the entire wedding party and ancillary people involved. Will your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law be wearing fashions to coordinate with your color scheme? And bridesmaid's dresses will need to come in a color that is flattering to all. A popular trend is to allow each bridesmaid to wear a different variation of the same dress and/or a different tone of your chosen color(s), so that might be helpful finding the perfect dresses for all. And last, but not least, your groom and groomsmen will need to have either coordinating colored suits or just coordinated details like vests and ties.

Ultimately It Comes Back To You

Up to this point, you've kept everything and everyone else in mind, but now it's time to check in with your own desires. What is your dream, your style, your favorite color scheme, your biggest desire for decking out YOUR wedding? Be true to yourself so you don't regret your choices. Look around you for inspiration and let yourself fall in love with shades and play, play, play with color combinations.

Choose your strong foundation color hue and one to two accent colors. If you have wiggle room for color, weddings today can have up to five (yes five!) colors or multiple shade variations of the same color, and often do. Color is in! Though be mindful that it's in the small details and not all of them are a huge splash.

And finally, search online sites like Pinterest for inspiration, put together a color dream board with clippings and swatches and check out some web pages (below) that are devoted to wedding color schemes. You'll just love sifting through all of the options and along the way, something will tell you THIS IS THE ONE.

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board

Some Wedding Color Resource Tools To Use

The Perfect Palette


"The Perfect Palette has been the go-to color resource for couples who dream of a unique, creative, and meaningful wedding day. By featuring only the most thoughtfully curated content, and by bringing heartfelt advice and creativity to every post, The Perfect Palette is a place where couples can find ideas and advice for planning their dream wedding."

Browse their clickable color palette (http://www.theperfectpalette.com/p/colors.html) or check out the 2017 Pantone's Color of the Year Wedding Editorial. (http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2017/03/pantones-color-of-year-wedding-editorial_15.html)



Spin the wheel to find wedding color combinations using random settings or a chosen color family.

 #The Knot


The wedding colors page is devoted to helping brides choose a color scheme and showing (through photos) ideas for each color selection. 



Aggregated from blogs around the web, it's a high-end lifestyle search engine to help you plan the details and color schemes for your wedding events.


#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board  

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board  

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board

#SavvyEventStudio Inspirational Board