Destination Weddings with a Budget in Italy


Weddings on a Budget

Planning a destination wedding on a budget can be a bit challenging but trust me, there are many couples out there who have planned fairy-tale destination weddings at very reasonable prices, who says you can do it too. Check out my below tips. Good luck!

Venue: The venue is the most expensive part after the catering, at Savvy Event Studio we recommend our clients to reserve a venue where it offers guest a place to sleep. With this in mind, the more rooms you book the lower your venue fee will be, it is basically using Your Guest as Leverage to help you reduce your balance venue fee.

For Examples: At Savvy we can offer you an exclusive weekend Villa rental (3 days/2night) where it can accommodate up to 35 guest for aprx. €130 euros per person for the entire weekend (price per nights at appx.€65 with BK included), if you manage to find the 35 people who are willing to pay for their own room, your wedding venue fee will be ZERO! This can be a very tempting option, right!

Catering: Is the most expensive part of the wedding.. But you are in Italy and you don’t need to go fancy, with a pasta station and maybe throwing another station of some yummy Italian cold cuts, you should be all set.. Also, if it’s an option you can perhaps consider on only doing a long open Italian cocktail also known as an “Italian Aperitivo” which is an amazing experience, and simply forget about a sit down dinner.

Trim you guest list: You don’t have to invite everyone to your wedding, it’s OK and don’t feel bad about it.

Open Bar: Offer local drink

Decoration: With an outdoor wedding backdrop surrounded by stunning natural beauty is pretty much done.. Maybe a touch here and there with candle lights for the night time will be enough.

Music: Make your own play list..

Transportation: Find the local taxi company and arrange with them a couple of taxi’s

Juliana Calvo